Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A new journey in my new life overnight

     Where does the time go? My kids only have one half day of school left for the year. This next coming year is going to be a big change for me in my life and most likely will reflect on my blog. Currently I have two kids at home my almost two year old and my 14 year old that has been homeschooling for the last two years. As of this summer I will have all five of my kids at home working on year round homeschooling. I will have a 9th grader, 7th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader, and my littlest one who will be two will be working on some pre-k work.
    I have tried my best to prepare for this year from ordering curriculum, setting up a school orientation, creating a working room/classroom. I have spent hours looking on homeschool websites. Researched free busy work for kids. Read a book on how to schedule and homeschool. I am hoping that in all this preparation I will be ready for our first day of school.
     As I mentioned before my blog is probably going to reflect this new change in my life. I am sure I will be sharing more about my homeschooling adventure and neat finds along the way. I plan on keeping my cooking and cleaning tips, and book reviews. So stay tuned to see how this new adventure in my life works out and hopefully I can share some tips along my journey.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vinegar Cleaner take 2

So last time I tried soaking a paper towel in vinegar and putting it around my kitchen sink (stainless steel) and found that it did not clean like I thought it would. I did not give up though and recently tried it on my solid surface counter top in my bathroom. This bathroom is pretty much  occupied by children all day long. It is there job to clean the sink. But if you have kids you know that you have to go and help them out every once a while with their cleaning skills. I noticed they were not cleaning good around the faucet so I took a paper towel soaked in vinegar and put it around the faucet. I left it for a couple hours and wiped it clean. It worked GREAT! So I am finding that vinegar is a great cleaner by itself. It can clean bathroom sinks, kitchen counters and shower heads. Now to the bathtub with it!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Samantha Sanderson Off the Record by Robin Caroll

Samantha Sanderson Off the Record by Robin Caroll
    I read the book Samantha Sanderson Off the Record by Robin Caroll because I have two middle school aged girls and I thought it would be something they would enjoy but I wanted to check it out first. It is book three of the Samantha Sanderson FaithGirlz! series, chapter books that are based on middle school scenarios. It is about a middle school girl who desperately wants to be a journalist. Her mother is a journalist and her father is a detective. The book is about a computer virus that has gotten into the computer system and changed the kids grades. Samantha wants to be the one to cover the case and see what she can find out. Her friend is a computer whiz and helps Samantha throughout the whole book. This book has so much in it from the computer virus, mean girls, kittens, giving people chances and plane crashes. Samantha made a New Years resolution to love her neighbor. She thought this would literally have her helping her neighbor but she found out that it meant much more when it came to loving people in her community even if they didn't love her.
     I can not wait to have my girls read this and see what they think. I know they will love it. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn't wait to pick it back up again to finish reading it. The author does a good job of setting the middle school scene and the way a middle school child would react to situations.
 I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Washing Stuffed Animals

Having 5 children, I had to figure out a way to wash stuffed animals without them getting ruined. When I was a child I had to wash my teddy bear and he was never the same. So here is the best way to wash your stuffed animals. All you have to do is put them in a pillow case, knot the end, and wash on a delicate cycle. Keep it in the pillow case to dry. You can dry on normal heat. When you take the stuffed animal out he will be clean but still have his shape and his fur will still be nice. Check out my before and after of my sons doggy I just washed last night. 

 He was pretty yucky, I think he had banana on him. 

After he is so clean!!! (oh, and the instructions on his tag said to only wipe him down when he gets messy and not to wash him) It works every time!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country Series, By Mike Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country, By Mike Berenstain         
     I first have to say that I love the Berenstain Bears so I was very excited to receive a free book from BookLook Bloggers for my honest review. I remember reading these books as a kid and I could not wait to read it to my kids. My elementary and middle age kids all loved this book.
     In the book the bears are preparing for a 4th of July parade. While preparing for the parade the parents explain to the cubs how the 4th of July is like a birthday for our country. I love that it expresses thankfulness to God for giving us our country of freedom.
     The illustrations are great as usual. The book is very patriotic and would be perfect for giving a little background on the 4th of July that young elementary age children can understand. The message is simple and at the end of the book it gives some questions and even some ideas for activities for the kids for 4th of July. I found it great that even my older children loved reading the book. My toddler was slightly interested but I don't think it caught his attention. He did love that the book came with stickers and that kept him occupied. I would recommend this book especially if you want your kids to read a little bit about history  in a fun way and understand how blessed we are from God to have a country of freedom.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Laundry Room Update

OK, I was looking through some old posts and ran across my posts on what I found in my laundry every week. I actually got a little laugh out of it and enjoyed reading them. I found some pretty incredible toys and such in my laundry. Here is one of the pictures of what I found in one week.

I have to say that this is not what I get out of my laundry anymore. It became so bad that I had to come up with the rule that whatever I found in the washer or dryer I would throw away. It was so bad that it seemed like they didn't care what was in their laundry basket or whether or not it got washed. Also after one of my sons loads of clothes came out of the dryer with more then half of it with stains on it from marker, that was not removable, and I had to throw them away (insert sad face), I officially had enough. 

So you may be asking yourself, Did throwing away all the stuff that ended up in my basket after laundry day work? What does her basket look like now? I can answer by saying, Yes it did work and I don't have to keep a basket anymore to collect what I get out of my washer and dryer. I may have to throw one or two things away during the week but its usually something small like an eraser. But I am thankful to not have to keep the basket anymore, I am slightly saddened that I do not get to share my funny little posts about what I find though. Its a small price to pay.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Rainbow Egg by Linda K. Hendricks, M.D. Illustrated by Linda Hendricks

I choose to review this book because it is about adoption and having four adopted children I thought I would see what some of them thought about it. 

The Rainbow Egg by Linda K. Hendricks, M.D. Illustrated by Linda Hendricks

The Rainbow Egg is a children's book about adoption. It is a story about a chicken that lives in the woods and has an egg but no nest. She finds a chicken coop with an empty nest and asks to put her egg in it. The chicken hatches and the mother chicken asks to leave her baby chicken with the Rainbows that had the empty nest. In the end she leaves her baby chicken and I think that was a little sad.
This book was supposed to be about adoption and that is why I choose to read it since I have four adopted children. I read it to my youngest age 1 and my oldest age 14. My youngest seemed to keep interest in the book because the pictures were nice and he loves chickens and eggs. My oldest said the story was ok but it did not get the point of adoption very well.

I had a hard time seeing a christian message in the book. The illustrations were well made. It was enjoyable to look at. I would not recommend it because the average child does not need to read a book about their mother leaving them. There was no reason in why she should leave her baby and not enough emphasis on how the new parents would be better for the baby chicken. I believe the adoption message would have been better if the new parents were represented as a better benefit to the chicken. Adoption is a hard subject to explain to kids and I think the author did their best.

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers  book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own